Experimenting with Electronics, Amateur Radio and Programming


About exp-electronics

This site is my little place on the Internuts.

I'll use it to record my various experiments in Electronics, Amateur Radio, Programming, Robitics, Wood Working and anything else that happens to cross my mind that I think somebody else might possibly find interesting.

Expectation Management:
First of all, all the topics listed above are just a hobby for me. In most cases I'm new to the hobby and don't have the time to dedicate to it that I'd like. Don't expect anything that I do and post here to be to be any of the following:
  • A good idea
  • The best way to do something
  • Safe
  • Something that actually works...

Copyright Info
Any information posted here is protected under Copyright and may not be re-posted or hosted elsewhere without my explicit permission, provided in writing.
Some pages and programs may have an explicit statement allowing the information to be copied, in which case it is fine to do so.

Advertising Policy
I've been on the end of a crappy Internet policy for far too long, so I'm generally against anything that eats bandwidth for no reason. Advertising is what many people think of as a necessary evil. I disagree with the necessary part of that statement. One day I may be proved wrong.

This is my personal site so you generally won't see any advertising here. If you are seeing some, then your ISP or my hosting provider is probably doing something dodgy. Please try and view the site from a different internet connection. If your still seeing advertising please let me know, in case it is my end. If you arn't, abuse your ISP.

Contacting Me
If, for some reason, your desperate to get in touch with me then email me at greg@expREMOVE-electronics.org

If I've posted a completed (ha!) project and made it available for others, I'll generally provide a seperate contact email address on the project page.

Please note that I have a life outside of monitoring my email, and I may not respond for some time (or at all). Please don't take that personally.